Dear Friends,

During election time, I know people expect to hear a lot of rhetoric. That’s why I’m running on the record instead: When I was a Franklin alderman, I’m proud to say we passed the largest tax reduction in the city’s history and reduced taxes by 17.25 percent. When my colleagues were set to raise taxes 1.8 percent, I successfully froze items totaling that amount to show them a better way.  As a businessman, I know the importance of balancing books. We did all of this without sacrificing the quality services that make this city a great place to raise a family. We built a new fire station (reducing response times), installed new traffic lights, fixed residential flooding problems, and ensured development was thoughtful and planned, in line with the community’s character.

My opponents promised to hold the line on taxes but unfortunately, they haven’t delivered on that promise. Many of you tell me Franklin property taxes are driving you out of the city. Since 2005 Franklin property taxes have increased steadily. The city’s priorities are out of line; Franklin increased its spending on administration and general government by a higher percentage than the percentage of money given for public safety. I don’t think administration has more value than public safety and I don’t think more administration and government is the right priority, nor do I believe that Franklin taxpayers are receiving truthful answers about property tax increases.

You can review Franklin’s budget numbers  by clicking on the city’s own website.  The document lists the annual budget figures for expenditures and tax levy and other areas, and these numbers were used to calculate the percentage increases.

~Basil Ryan

You have my commitment to bring the right priorities to city hall. Together we can make sure Franklin reaches its full potential.

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